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why do people blow dry their hair

You might think thatPblow drying your hair is adding another unnecessary to your already overwhelming routine, but think again. PThe truth is that blow drying your hair, although it might add a couple minutes to your routine, can solve so many of your styling woes and make you realize just how much potential your hair actually has. Heres whatPa good blow dry does for your hair and your confidence. 1. ItPforces you to streamline your grooming routine
When you first startPusing aPblow dryer, it can feel a little daunting, butPonce you get the hang of it and love the results, you will want to budget a little extra time in the morning toPdo it. Adding another step to an already rushed morning routine might bePdifficult in the beginning, but it will be worth the extra hassle. Itll also force you toPperfect a morning grooming routine. Pretty soon youll have your timing down pat and will be able to fit it all in before you walk out the door in the morning. Plus, you also have the added option of blow drying your hair in the evening and not interrupting your morning routine. 2. It lays the groundwork for styling Grooming guru Eric Neher tells Birchbox that not only is blow drying your hair a great way to de-frizz, but it for using pomade and hair paste, asPthese products will only adhere to and shape your hair if its completely dry. A quick towel dry is not going to cut it.

Think about it this way: If youre a man whos into styling his hair withPproduct, using a blow dryer can help you cutPdown time in your grooming routine. Blow drying your hair can take less than a minute, whereas air drying it can take significantly longer. 3. It gives you the hair youve always wanted Gentleman, theres a reason why the womens hair care industry does so well,Pwhy blow outs can cost upward of $50, and whyPdry bars are : Most women dont like their natural hair and are willing to put in the extra time (and money) to do something about it. GQ writer Stephen J. PraetoriusPexplored his skepticism about to his hair grooming routine after so many years of air drying his locks. Praetorius believed that there was no way a blow dryer could give him perfectly coiffed locks orPfight the genetic card he was dealt, and that itPwould be too overwhelming and more trouble than its worth. He found out that he was oh-so-wrong. He found that after about a three-minute learning curve his hair started to look the way hed always hoped it would full, but not frizzy, and neat looking but not overly meticulous. Additionally, he found that his pomades held better. Conclusion:PEven the nicest hair needs a little bit of help. All of those red carpet styles you see on men? No one just looks that good naturally. PWelcome to the laboring world of beauty. 4. It straightens your hair Do you have curly hair but havePalways wanted straight hair?

Well, a lot of those sleek, straight looksPyou covetPrequire a blow dryer. To straighten your hair, Neher suggests that you start off by working a through damp hair right after the shower to ensure smooth results. Next, part your hair where you want it, grabbing a small round brush, and begin blow drying. Be sure to make long strokes while following the brush closely with the blow dryer, going until its fully dry from root to tip. Once its dry, use a pomadePand just a little hair spray as well. Style with your hands. 5. It increases your confidence Liking the way you look results in confidence. Confidence results in getting things done. Ergo, blow drying your hair can do more for you than make you look good. If you feel good, itll reflect in your everyday activities from your job to working out. Do guys really use a hairdryer to blow dry their hair? PI've had that question asked of me on multiple occasions and the answer is a resounding Yes. PDo most guys use a hairdryer? PNo. PMost guys don't know why they would need one, nor are they comfortable using one. PI hope that I can explain why a hair dryer is a great tool for your styling toolbox. Why Would I Need A Hair Dryer? "I get out of the shower, towel dry my hair, and add some hair product to it. PMy hair is short enough and as long as I use the right product, my hair stays in place. " The biggest problem with the statement above is about "using the right product".

PTypically when guys use this statement, they're using the wrong product and probably too much of it! PUsing product to control your hair will only result in your hair falling to where it naturally wants to go. Your hair has typically been trained, through years of styling it, to fall in a certain way and the best way to get your hair to stop falling in that direction is to use a hair dryer. As your hair is drying it is starting to set into place. PBy using a hair dryer, along with a brush, your setting your hair in place where you want it to go. PWhen the hair is dry, regardless of which product you put in it, the hair will naturally want to fall back into the general shape of where you had blow dried it. P This allows you to use less product to achieve the hold and shine that you desire. PUsing less product will make sure your hair product lasts longer and will save you money in the long run. P In addition, when using pomade or hair paste, the product functions best when the hair is dry. The products adhere more easily and evenly when there is no extra moisture. PSo using a hair dryer for a minute or two before stylingPcan prevent that extra greasiness or uneven product application. How Do I Use One? To start, your hair needs to be damp.

PNot wet, but damp. PThis is usually achieved by towel drying it. PIf it's too wet, you'll risk damaging your hair with too much heat to dry it. P Spray your hair with a heat protectant spray. (this isn't required, but recommended to limit the damage from the heat) Using a brush, shape your hair in the direction in which you will be styling it. P At the same time, dry the hair being brushed from root to tip. P Continue to brush and blow dry until your hair is completely dry. P Keep the hair dryer at the coolest setting to limit damage. Blast your hair with the "Cold" setting at the end to add a bit extra volume and set your hair. P If you hair is not getting the volume or shape that you need from blow drying your hair, you may need to add a pre-styling product before you blow dry. I'dPrecommendPthe Sculpting Clay from our styling line. P What Do I Do Next? After the hair is dry, it should be shaped, generally, where it needs to be for the style you're trying toPachieve. P All you have to do is add your styling product of choice to your hair. PFor most cases, an extreme hold product isn't needed any more and you won't need to add a bunch of product. PDepending on the thickness and length of your hair, usually a dime to nickle size amount will be enough. P Please enable javascript to view the Comments will be approved before showing up.

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