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why does my cat squint one eye

Last week I told you about that remarkably powerful communication tool known as. Another part of cat anatomy, your cat s eyes, also speak volumes, but unlike tail talk, eye talk is (usually) quite a bit subtler form of behavior. Here are some facts about my favorite feline looks and what they mean, as well as photos illustrating them. 1. Aren t I cute? Don t you want to pet me? Kittens are experts in this particular pseudo-bashful expression. It s as if they re born knowing that no human can possibly resist the urge to pet a cat who shoots us this gaze. 2. Pet me because I need love right now! SinвВad was an expert at this look, and she knew that if she looked at me with this glance, there was no way I d say no. 3. Pleased to meet you
This friendly and outgoing cat at wore this expression whenever people came into his room, and he often followed it with mews, head-butts and purrs. 4.

Oh, aaaaahhhh, that feels wonderful! Dahlia always looked out through half-closed eyes with this expression of utter delight when Thomas groomed her. 5. ERMAGHERD KILL KILL KILL! When a cat gets really jazzed up during a round of interactive play, you see this wild-eyed look. 6. Is it safe? Kissy came to my home frazzled and stressed because of a difficult kittenhood and chronic pain that made her constantly fearful. I got a photo of this tentative expression about a month into her life with me. 7. Bow before me, peasant! This expression might at first glance be taken for pet me because I need love right now until you notice the dilated pupils and full-on stare. My mother s cat, Tinka, was an expert in this look. 8. Bored, bored, bored, bored There s nothing sadder than a kitten in a house where no other kitties wants to play with her.

Bella suffers this sad fate from time to time, and here s one of her moments. 9. The stink-eye Step aside, drag queens: Nobody can throw shade with the intensity and proficiency of a pissed-off cat. Here, Siouxsie has just awakened to realize that Dahlia is gasp! snuggled up next to her. 10. I love you On the opposite end of the feline gaze spectrum from the stink-eye is the When a cat closes her eyes and opens them slowly, she s saying she feels safe and relaxed enough to let her guard down. If you get a love blink from your cat, be sure to return it. What are your favorite feline phrases, as communicated by their eyes? Please share them (along with photos! ) in the comments. Laugh with us: About JaneA Kelley: Punk-rock cat mom, science nerd, animal shelter volunteer and all-around geek with a passion for bad puns, intelligent conversation, and role-play adventure games.

She gratefully and gracefully accepts her status as chief cat slave for her family of feline bloggers, who have been writing their award-winning cat advice blog, since 2003. Hi Annie, How long has Henry been squinting for? Has he been in your home for long? How old are his two brothers? A squinting eye would indicate a couple of things to me. As you say it could just have been irritated, especially if he s a large eyed fairly open faced meow (have a look at Taya in my avatar). However on the odd occasion that Taya has had an irritated eye she has usually stopped squinting well within a few hours which is why I ask how long he s been squinting for. She did have a slightly weepy eye once and because of the slight weeping we took her to the vet who gave us some ointment for it just in case it was more than an irritation and it cleared up within 24 hours.

A squinty eye may be also symptom of cat flu too. Don t panic about hearing that though, there s a lot to cat flu and it s pretty common. It s also important to remember that vaccinations do not prevent cat flu but minimise the effects and young and old cats are far more susceptible because of their weaker immune systems. However it could be scratched and it could need an antibiotic ointment and there s no way of knowing without a vet visit really - eyes are too important to muck around with too, so I d be popping along to the vet so they can have a proper look at it, take Henry s temperature and hopefully give him the all clear.

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