why do my teeth look yellow with braces

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I also noticed some kind of yellowish discoloration of my teeth after I was braced. At least that's what I think. However, it might be my imagination. At least to some extent. Many of us brace folks get obsessed with our teeth. I have noticed that my teeth at times look more yellowish than at others. Even after brushing teeth. But that does not really make sense. I have noticed that the type of light (indoor, outdoor, etc), shading, being suntanned, color of clothes weared, and so on also makes a difference The so-called whitening toothpastes hardly make one's teeth whiter.

They would have to contain a bleaching agent (e. g. hydrogen peroxide) which the vast majority don't. Bleaching is possible for people with braces but is not recommended as it will leave unbleached spots where the brackets were fitted.

Some of the whitening products may apparantly even harm your tooth enamel because of excessive amounts of abrasive used in the products (small particles of silica, aluminum oxide, calcium carbonate, or calcium phosphate are used to grind off stains). Ask your dentist for professional advice. This is the place to post general questions and comments about all areas of orthodontic treatment.

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