why do my teeth look yellow in pictures

Yellow teeth? Hidden eyes? Uneven skin? There s a filter for that! Plus: The top lipstick, foundation and eye-opening liner trick for your best selfie
THE PROBLEM: Pearly whites? Not on your mobile. БThe white balance is automatically set on phones,Б says beauty photographer Jody Todd. БThat means that if your teeth are a tiny bit on the yellow side, the camera will actually make them look worse. Б Uh oh SORT IT: Purple and deep blue-toned red lippies are your white-teeth saviours. The blue tones neutralise the yellow and the red draws attention to your lips, not your teeth.

Another killer tip: rinse with a whitening mouthwash just before. The wash contains oxidising ingredients that make them look whiter. Now grin. YOUR BEST FILTER: Walden Б the filter decreases colour saturation. Quick: profile pic. Then up the ante:! THE PROBLEM: When you smile, your cheeks move up, making your eyes look microscopic. Hell, no Miss Piggy! SORT IT: Duck-face pouts make eyes appear more prominent, but we wouldnБt advise it unless youБre Derek Zoolander. Alter the way you apply your eyeliner instead.

Begin in the inner eyes with a very fine one-millimetre line. Increase the width of the line in the middle to a max of three millimetres, then taper it back off to one. Check this out too:. YOUR BEST FILTER: Amaro Б it ups the exposure, making everything look slightly exaggerated. Great for eyes, not for thighs. THE PROBLEM: Your perfectly normal-looking face doesnБt always translate to БЕa picture: БOrange tones in tungsten light bulbs can be red to a camera, exaggerating skin patchiness,Б says celebrity snapper Dan Kennedy. Going for a sweaty selfie?.

SORT IT: A satin foundation will help. TheyБre heavily pigmented like matte foundations, so they even out our skin,БЕ plus the glowy finish helps the light diffract off the skin, making it look brighter and more even too. Try one that contains concealer too. Also try these. YOUR BEST FILTER: Rise Б it brightens the skin tone, taking out any areas of shadow. Watch for discoloration. When your enamel breaks down there are many ways in which your teeth physically change. From the color to the shape, the loss of enamel can cause your teeth to look drastically different.

Dentin is the yellowish layer of your tooth located under your enamel. As the enamel wears down and the dentin gets thinner and a thinner layer of enamel covers the dentin, it becomes more transparent and your teeth will appear more yellow. How yellow your teeth are is a good indication of how thin your enamel is; the less enamel you have, the more yellow your teeth will be. If you're uncertain as to whether your teeth are yellow from stains or due to enamel loss, try having them whitened. Artificial stains will come off.

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