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why do some people float better than others

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No. I know the logic that you re using-- fat floats, but that s not quite how that works. Why you should believe me: speed swimmer for 15 years, synchro swimmer for 7, synchro coach for 4. Yes, a person with a higher percentage of body fat will have a higher float point. Your float point is determined by you floating upside down in the water without sculling or anything. Most people, like me, hang right around their ankles. A person with a higher percentage of body fat may hang closer to their calves, BUT that is not nearly the only factor. In all types of swimming, we talk a lot about body position. If I had to hazard a guess, I d say that you re sticking out your neck, hunching your shoulders a bit, and tipping your head straight for the sky. Am I right? (I am, I m fabulous. ) I d also guess that when you re sinking low in the water, you re getting nervous and instead of making large, smooth, calm motions, you re moving your arms and legs really fast in smaller movements.

That s not going to help you float, and it s exhausting. Here s what ya gotta do: Tuck that booty so it s straight under your ribs. You re in a pool, not twerking at the club. Then roll your shoulders back and down and stand up straight like your momma taught you. Next, hold your head up tall with your neck long, like you re hiding a double chin in a picture. Now that your body position is sorted, start doing big, RELAXED, breaststroke kicks. Your inner ankles should want to stay facing each other, and on the same plane in space through the whole kick.

None of this scissorkicking business. (you sink too much in the recovery portion of a scissor kick). Time for your arms. ABSOLUTELY NO flapping your arms up and down. You are not a bird. Stop. Imagine there s a layer of sand/beach about six inches under the surface of the water. Using your palm and fingertips as a mitt, you re going to make that mofo beach the smoothest, flattest beach there ever was. No. Bigger. Bigger still. You can also imagine you re painting rainbows in the water if that floats your boat. If you re a clock and your nose is facing 12:00, your arms should be swinging from about 1-2 to 4, and mirrored on your left. LMK if any of that makes sense. P. S. If anyone ever tells you to not eat pizza, they are a liar and you do not need them in your life.

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