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why do we get pimples in your ears

To prevent clogged pores, Dr. Engleman recommends wiping the inner and outer parts of the ear with a cotton dipped in alcohol or witch hazel. Look for over-the-counter treatments with ingredients such as salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, sulfur, or tea tree oil to combat breakouts. (We like Clearasil's, which have salicylic acid. ) In more serious cases, your derm may prescribe a prescription such as tretinoin or topical antibiotics. And, though it should go without saying, if you have an extremely painful blemish, one that lasts for more than a week, or a zit that's draining fluid, get to a dermatologist ASAP. Because while acne is never fun, it shouldn't have to be such a pain in the. ear.
I ve had them.

In my ear lobes and behind my ears. Most likely it is a sebaceous cyst. The one i had in my ear lobe i could never kill on my own and just went to dermatoligst/surgeon to get taken care of. It would come and go once or twice a year over like a 5 year stretch. So the last time the fukker came back with a vengeance and my ear lobe became twice as large as my uninfected one.

It looked way banged up. Anyway i was at the beach with some friends on vacation. My friend s girlfriend was interested in my ear disturbance and wanted to feel it. Only she didnt just feel it. She grabbed the thing in a very violent fashion. It did not feel good. I then proceed to the bathroom for an examination session. The front of my ear lobe looked the same. Just all red and hurting.

But on the back of my ear lobe a nice head had formed. I went to work and that is when the grandest and gnarliest explosion ever occurred. What came out of my ear lobe was the most blood and puss I had ever seen in my life. My fukking blood was caked all over the wall. It looked like a goddamn crime scene. I looked at myself in the mirror and blood was just pouring out of my lobe. I cupped my hand underneath it, but i was no match for the gushing. good times. yeah. uh. get it checked out.

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